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How it all started

‘No time’, ‘not a 100% match with my training needs’, ‘a large group with too many different skill levels’, ‘hard to remember everything after a full day of training’ - there are many reasons why traditional learning does not fit the majority of professionals anymore. 

In addition, in a fast-changing world continuous learning is getting increasingly important. That’s why we want to help build a world where professionals can improve skills essential for their job on a daily basis in an inspiring and fun way. 

Where we are today

The 5miles e-learning platform empowers business professionals to learn new skills in just 5 minutes a day, whenever it suits them. We believe that this is the most effective way to help them to work smarter, have a bigger impact and experience more joy in their job.

We are a tech-driven company and at the forefront of online professional skills development. Our clients are among the leading companies in the world, such as ABN Amro, T-mobile, KPMG and ING.

We are very excited as 2019 marks our biggest year yet – with our recent funding we are going to expand our international userbase and create 1 million learning opportunities for ambitious professionals around the world. Come and join us on this mission!

What it is like to work with us

At 5miles we share a passion for learning, innovation and tech. Every individual’s work in the team has a direct impact on customers. We encourage you to share your ideas on a daily basis, and to experiment your way to success.

While we value working in a structured and focused way, we’re in a period of rapid growth. That means that for many things we do we are exploring new territory. If you go around by the phrase ‘I have never done this before, so I think I can do it’ - then let’s talk!  

And last but not least: we promise great coffee, front row seats with views over the IJ, a delicious lunch, fun team events and the addictive buzz that comes from working at a fast growing scale-up!

It's been a few years since I joined the 5miles' team looking for a challenging experience. And the journey has been amazing. It’s a good product, based on interesting technology, powered by a charming team. 5miles allows you to have a direct impact on customers, while developing your skills in a company that’s on an exciting journey. I’m having a lot of fun, and enjoying the moment.

Gerardo Colorado

I love working with my talented and motivated colleagues. Together, we're a beautiful mingle of languages, cultures and skillsets, always coming up with innovative ideas. At 5miles, the creativity in the air is almost tangible.

Content Author

I am the Content Author at 5miles. I create the content that our users receive as daily challenges. There is a great deal of trust and creative freedom in this process that naturally encourages the enthusiasm to see projects to completion. It’s an easy work life balance here as I am frequently re-energized and inspired by my team.

Content Author

Let's talk!

Well, that’s enough about us. We’d love to hear from you! Apply for one of our jobs listed below or get in touch when there is no direct match with one of our vacancies but you feel you and 5miles could be a match.

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